Dental crisis: ‘People are resorting to pulling out their own teeth’ | Dentist Rhona Eskander

Dentist Rhona Eskander says the reason for a lack of NHS dental practices taking new patients ‘isn’t just a problem with backlog, but there also isn’t enough dentists’. Watch on TV: Freeview 236, Sky 515, Virgin 626 Listen on DAB+ Radio Download the GB News App to watch live wherever you are, catch up with all our shows and get the latest news from the GBN family. Don’t forget to follow us on social media too! Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn: TikTok:

15 thoughts on “Dental crisis: ‘People are resorting to pulling out their own teeth’ | Dentist Rhona Eskander

  1. my dentist (ok so they are a private practice) only opens from 8:30 to 2:00pm !!
    Clearly they make so much money they dont need to do a full days work!!
    Im clearly in the wrong business.

  2. No mention of the jab being an influence on dentists quitting , as it was for all other NHS Drs etc, and care workers.

  3. We can’t get a doctor or dentist, millions languishing and probably dying on a waiting list yet the NHS spends millions on Diversity and Green managers, millions spent on unnecessary cosmetic surgery, and questionable gender reassignment surgeries. It’s obscene and a dereliction of duty by the NHS. What’s worse, there’s no political will to fix it or address the gross waste of taxpayers money.

  4. Bob Mortimer does his own dentistry. Just check him out on “Would I lie to you” – he goes through it step by step!!

  5. I’ve been trying to get an NHS dentist for years I’ve pulled the last two out myself and I’ve got a couple loose but no dentist is available in a 50 mile radius I work in care for just above minimum wage I can’t afford to go private I have issues with eating and this is affecting my physical and mental health but what can I do getting desperate

  6. Warning. Watch this video at your own risk. If you have half a brain. Suddenly; the urge to pull your own teeth out.. of frustration. Doc never said the magic word.. ‘capitalism.’ The mod/doc all in for planning the Uke’s oral future. Get ‘free’ teeth to go with the free quad by pass. That’s possible in the land of the free. Get in the medical queue. When the line is long enough the state can promise everything for free. McCartney hinted..Like back in the USSR.

  7. It all comes down to money . Its tax payers money that is used to put people through university to graduate as dentists and then they go private

  8. We cannot get a dentist but someone who came to this country illegally can get a doctor, dentist house and everything for free, yet you pay taxes all your life and get nothing

  9. I pulled out a wisdom tooth. Took me half an hour, was fairly painful, but was all good after a couple of days.

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