IRELAND after BDS | Full Procedure – 2022

The video explains the full procedure to practice in Ireland after BDS in India. Subscribe To The Channel List Of 19 Options After BDS Abroad Options After BDS – MSC, Fellowship, and Diploma After BDS – MDS Playlist (includes MDS Yes or No, Selecting MDS College, MDS on Loan) – Searching Clinic To Work – Selecting Clinic To Work –

29 thoughts on “IRELAND after BDS | Full Procedure – 2022

  1. Hi sir should we go directly there for giving practical exam or is there any centres in india

    1. Dentists earn based on work.. height in Ireland will be more than lowest in USA and highest in USA will be more than lowest in Ireland.

  2. Hi sir, I completed bds in India, instead of giving exam in Ireland can I go there and study dental hygienist course and practice.. what would you suggest

  3. Hello. Is it necessary for a dentist to have a three year long working experience in order to appear in an examination by the dental council Ireland?

  4. Sir, after doing MDS in Ireland can I directly give the Canada board exam and work there without doing any additional years since it is accredited?

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