Ireland Dental School Q&A

i answer some commonly asked questions about studying dentistry! i had so many questions before i started dental school and was very fortunate to have seniors who answered them all patiently. everyone experiences the course differently so others may have different sentiments but i hope that this video adds some perspective if you’re considering applying to dental school. you can also check out this instagram account that some fourth years in tcd dentistry recently started all the best! also not sure why but i’ve been receiving notifications for comments that disappear before i get to reply them but i see them and am super thankful for the kind words!! hehe – Hello! My name is Aveline and I am an international student from Singapore currently studying Dentistry in Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. I make vlogs about my life in and out of the Dublin Dental University Hospital, where my classes are held. Subscribe to live vicariously through me!

20 thoughts on “Ireland Dental School Q&A

  1. Hello! I am an international student who is applying to dental schools in Ireland and I would like to ask for help. What do I need to know about HSE and about dental care in ireland?

    1. For my interview, I wasn’t asked about HSE/ Ireland dentistry. It was more centred on dentistry in general and why I wanted to do dentistry. All the best in your application!

  2. may i have a question , how high rate about dental shchool , is the course so hard??thanks a lot

  3. Hi is it okay for you to tell us roughly how much are the school fees each year? Like overall as an international student, how much will you spend a year?

  4. Hi a post graduate student in department of prosthodontics from India..can u tell me the scope of an Indian dentist there..pls do respond

  5. Hello, I have a question about dental groups. Is there a Facebook group or any other group with dental practitioners from Ireland?
    Thanks and have a nice day!

  6. im working in dubai in a dental department and i want to apply as dental assistant in ireland but i dont know how or whats the first step i need to take hope you can give advise

  7. You have done your graduation or post graduation in TCD?

    Planning to do post graduation, any info? And do we need to give IDC exam after post graduation, to practice in Ireland?

  8. hello 👋.. could you please tell me what all entrance exams do i have to give being an international student to study masters in dentistry in Ireland?

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