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a week in my life 🤯 i’m currently a year 2 dentistry student in trinity college dublin (ireland) and here are some snippets of what i’ve been doing in and out of school! things have been a bit different this year due to the pandemic, but because our course is very practical-work based we still go to the dental hospital for labs and clinics (with social distancing measures in place). we get quite a lot of free time to ourselves compared to other dental schools (where the schedule is packed from morning to evening) so it’s up to us to decide how we want to spend that free time (i clearly spend 3h eating dinner every night…) – Hello! My name is Aveline and I am an international student from Singapore currently studying Dentistry in Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. I make vlogs about my life in and out of the Dublin Dental University Hospital, where my classes are held. Subscribe to live vicariously through me!

23 thoughts on “WEEK IN MY LIFE | Ireland Dental School

  1. Hi you have a beautiful smile 😆you would relax patients with your personality😆i have a lot of dental work to be done 😭 big money 💰ia it possible trinity college take public volinteers as patients 😤 for exam practice

    1. You would have a patient who needs lots of work..plenty of experience for you.🥲hope ypu be able to help me .i be so grateful.

    2. @dubtinao May I know your email please? There have been some changes so I will send you the details via email!

  2. hi aveline im a dentist in dubai im planning to work in ireland is there any way i can direct message you and ask about the process ?? hoping for your kind response

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